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realise your trading potential




The course is an interesting insight into yourself and encourages you to address issues that you may not even know you had. I found it very interesting and learnt a great deal about myself and the way I trade. The course makes you take a look at your trading expectations and goals and puts them into perspective (ie if they are actually realistic). Martin helps you understand the way you approach your trading and makes you realise that most other traders have the same inner feelings of self doubt and shows you how to structure your trading in a more helpful way to yourself. I can recommend this course as it's like no other course I have ever been on and its 2 days well spent.

Marc [London]


The main benefit from the course was realising the mental obstacles I encounter each day, the stress of trying to achieve too much from the start, ie too big positions that made me hesitant to "jump in". What I have done to change this is "easing in" with smaller initial positions and adding as I go along, making it more comfortable. I have also worked on making my working environment more free from outside disruptions . So, to sum it up, the course gave much more than merely the 2 days in a classroom, in the sense that it was a great eyeopener and "a journey into myself" which still
continues today... I thought that it was time well spent, and would
recommend it specially to traders with some experience.
Henry [ Oslo]


With Martin's help I have been able to centre my concentration more
effectively. He has shown me techniques to help master the elusive
psychological aspect of trading and as a result I feel more relaxed during
the trade and more comfortable holding larger winning positions for longer.
Something that was a frustrating sticking point with me for several months.

Michael (Manchester)


Martin has been a great influence and help in my trading .
He has helped me understand the importance of getting out early and taking a loss on a bad trade.

With Martins help, I have been able to take the appropriate action to keep
my losses small and preserve my capital and energy and go in more
aggressively on the high probablity trades

Martin is very good at looking at the overall behaviour patterns of the
trader and then helping to structure a plan of action that enables the
trader to have a psychological edge in his trading.

A very satisfied Client
Chris Michaels [ Devon]


Martin helped me cut through some delusional patterns of thinking that
threatened to sabotage my S and P trading. He really helped me to understand the necessity of focussing on what I could lose rather than what I might make.

Rainer [Zurich]


I found what Martin had to say about trading to be spot on, right on the
money, and not without humour, especially as I recognised many of my own patterns being brought to light. I found it particularly useful to look at
how I can get complacent after a good run and end up giving a lot back.
Martin helped me to understand my process regarding this.

Alan [London]



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