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realise your trading potential


course outline


Taking control of your trading success

Saturday 24th November 2007, Bath

This workshop is designed to provide you with an in depth exploration of the psychological aspects of trading and to develop clarity and perspective about how you trade and to equip you with the psychological tools necessary for success in your chosen market. We will be looking at how you think about and approach the business of trading and using self assessment, role play and psychodrama to highlight and gain insight into some common market dilemmas.

Psychology as a perspective on the market

  • the market as a mirror of self
  • you trade what you are, you get what you need
  • life patterns expressed in the market
  • how motivation and rationale affects perception

Emotion as a primary market mover

  • market action as a trigger of underlying emotion
  • sentiment and irrationality versus fundamentals
  • using your emotions as valuable indicators
  • moving towards detachment from emotion whilst trading

The interplay of conscious and unconscious

  • how the unconscious develops and shapes your trading
  • the influence of individual and family scripts
  • the inherent difficulties of  "trading your plan"
  • the will to change versus unresolved conflict


  • inner conflicts played out in the market
  • certain inner predispositions seek expression
  • you are bigger than the sum of your parts
  • you are in charge of the various inner characters


  • the will to be right rather than do the right thing
  • the implicit threats to success
  • overcoming defensive behaviours and rigidity of attitude
  • taking charge of the ego and harnessing its good qualities

Group dynamics

  • where do you belong in the crowd or hierarchy
  • what is your role and how do you fulfill it
  • effects of your trading room dynamics on your performance
  • keeping your own counsel


  • defining the personal elements and structuring your parameters of risk
  • the tussle between safety and growth
  • managing the difference between potential and actual results
  • embracing regret as an integral part of the trading equation

Trading skills

  • analytical, technical and fundamental market reading skills
  • intuitive, experienced, educated gut feel market sense
  • decisive action based execution skills
  • integrating the different skill sets to form a coherent package

The process of change

  • identifying the need to think like the market
  • bringing awareness to and uncovering your blocks to success
  • accepting and learning from your market lessons
  • committing to a consciously determined strategy for success

Suggestions for facilitating change

  • cultivating alpha brainwave levels to encourage changes to root deeply
  • practicing visualisation, seeing yourself as a success in the present
  • practicing affirmations that support your conscious intent
  • setting goals that are achievable and realistic

Cornerstones of success

  • methodology that suits your dominant personality type
  • preparation - building scenarios and seeing yourself responding effectively
  • clear entry and exit criteria executed with discipline
  • thorough review of all aspects of self psychology whilst trading


  • practicing good habits within probabilistic parameters
  • developing continuity and consistency through daily routine
  • building discipline throughout the trading day
  • peer discussion / support and journal keeping


  • colours, ambience and screen positions in your trading environment
  • the importance of exercise and rest
  • self monitoring for stress, tiredness, and other detrimental factors
  • managing hot and cold streaks, peak energy times through the day


  • portrait of a winner and a loser
  • personal resolutions
  • questions, comments, feedback
  • conclusion of workshop with course notes

Cost £350 includes lunch


For any further details, please contact Martin at





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